NBN Co to ignore Cost Benefit Analysis

(rant) "The NBN Co" and Malcolm Turnbull has already indicated that they will ignore any outcomes of the Cost Benefit Analysis by already indicating that FTTP is being ditched for their second rate MTM network to meet political objectives.

Both the Government and NBN Co have entered into negotiations with Telstra and Optus in the acquisition of their assets, both their rotting copper and congested HFC networks. In their recent statements, Malcolm Turnbull and Dr Ziggy Switkowski (CEO, NBN Co) has already fixed in the mixed technology in to commence before 2014. This is contrary to previous commitments by the Government to conduct a Cost Benefit analysis to see if a 93% FTTP rollout will continue.

In a recent ABC radio interview with NBN Co's CEO, Switkowski said that:

Switkowski: "Post the election, and post the strategic review, we've now agreed on a multi-technology mode[sic]. We'll seek to use the existing copper network where we can. […] So for the remainder of 2014, all the work will be a fibre based network to households. By the end of this year, we will have completed our plans for Tasmania and the country to decide, and hopefully would have complted negotiations with Telstra which will enable us to decide where we can reuse Telstra networks… "

Quoted from ABC radio interview.
Full recording can be found here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-02-13/tasmanian-homes-may-miss-out-on-nbn-fibre-rollout/5256794?section=tas

"The NBN Co" as Malcolm Turnbull likes to put it, will build FTTN in Tasmania regardless of what the result of any review says. From Switkowski's statement, it appears he and Malcolm have set in concrete the agreement without any analysis on the cost vs benefit… because in their delusional heads, both types of network offer the same types of service to all households — i.e. internet which people can play videos on. Because, all "The NBN Co" and Malcolm cares about these days is how many TVs they can stream video on at home.

No one cares about productivity. No one cares about the future. No one cares at all — it's all just shithouse politics.

It's not like the Cost Benefit Analysis wouldn't be completely biased at all… we have Henry Ergas, a critic of the FTTP network just for the sake of being a critic and representing the epitome of LNP trolls, leading the review. Just like any other review initiated by this Government, results will be predetermined by the minister who initiated it. Here's the leaked default template:

  • Labor's government was incompetent
  • Labor wasted $20 billion dollars, it's a fact despite having only spent $3 billion
  • The Government will restore confidence in industry by denying workers jobs
  • The Government is committed to being transparent, but we just won't tell you anything apart from the propaganda we want you to listen to

So yes, I'm pissed. I think I have every right to be pissed. Why should the next generation be placed in the burden of having the endure the pot-luck network built in the name of NBN Co's shithouse political objectives? Because we elected this shithouse government.

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